Meet the Peeps

This page is seriously out of date (kids are now 10 and 13, and my cat has grown too!), but out of respect to my kids I am not posting more recent pictures of them. With that said, meet some of the folks in Glutenfreelandia.


Tamara – Almost seven in this shot, celiac and sweet as can be.


Danny – GF-compatible at home but eats gluten whenever he gets the chance. A super fun kid who loves the camera.


Max the Cat – A little rascal who’s a picky eater but loves gluten free.


Grandma and Papa – Our smiling GF support network, who have turned their kitchen upside down to host their celiac daughter and granddaughter.


Amanda – The BFF every celiac needs. Smart, caring and grounding.


Mario – Amateur chef, dad and husband to celiacs and GF supporter Number Uno.


Anne Marie – Celiac, mom of a celiac and your host of Glutenfreelandia.

Meet more friends and family on the blog!

4 Responses to Meet the Peeps

  1. Amanda says:

    Anne Marie, you support me in my quest of health too! Always fun to be on the journey of life with you. Keep up the good work!

  2. Gloria says:

    This is such a great site! Thanks for doing this …

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