Local GF

Local for me is in and around Stamford, CT.  For reviews outside of Connecticut and New York City, click here. These reviews are based on my own visits, and opinions are entirely my own.

Note: I maintain a gluten free diet at all times and provide these reviews to serve the celiac community and to add some accountability to the marketplace. Please contact me at glutenfreelandiaATgmail.com with any questions or concerns. If a restaurant is listed here, it means it has at least some commitment to serving gluten free food.


Places at which I have eaten, enjoyed – a little or a lot – and DRUM ROLL PLEASE not gotten sick (unless otherwise noted). Some are more kid-friendly than others, especially the chain restaurants (note: if in NYC, try S’MAC – a mac & cheese restaurant that is surprisingly awesome for parents and kids alike).

Please check back for updates from time to time. This page was last updated in May 2017.


Bar Taco – I have gotten sick 1 out of 20 visits; GF menu items are clearly marked (most of menu is GF) and there are a few servers with celiac disease

That Awesome Deli and Gluten Free Food Factory – CLOSED

Eos – I have gotten sick in 1 out of 10 visits; don’t go when crowded; GF menu items are clearly marked

Plan B Burger Bar – with a menu change, this place is no longer safe in my view

Tabouli Grill (special request) – I have eaten here a few times with no issues.

Kotobuki Restaurant (special request) – I have gotten sick one out of 10 visits

P.F. Chang’s – CLOSED

Michelina’s Pizza – owner has a celiac family member but they are not always 100% careful with service (e.g., flour on hands)

Rodizio Grill – I have eaten here once with no issues

Dinosaur BBQ – I have eaten here a few times with no issues; outdoor seating in summer

Barcelona – This restaurant is usually great, but I went once in early 2017 and was sick for three days, so I urge caution

The Capital Grill ($$$$) – You get what you pay for. This place is very GF conscious.

California Pizza Kitchen – only eat the GF pizza is what my sources tell me, otherwise cross-contamination issues

Cask Republic – I have eaten here a few times with no issues; great place for a quiet lunch

Mitchell’s – CLOSED


Melting Pot – I have eaten here a number of times with no issues. Servers are very informed.

Coromandel – special request, much of menu is gluten free and they have GF naan


Terra Ristorante

Barcelona – CLOSED

Melí-Meló – this place is hit or miss for me; their smoothies have never posed any issues and are pretty good

Elm Street Oyster House – let server know; I usually don’t chance anything other than a plate of fresh oysters, as there is no GF menu

Greater Connecticut

Lobster Landing, Clinton, CT – real Connecticut-style lobster rolls on warmed GF buns, wow!

Ceviche Latin Kitchen, Middleburg, CT – very GF conscious and good food

White Plains

Haiku Sushi – let server know

Legal Seafoods – CLOSED

P.F. Chang’s – Following my last visit here, I was sick for 2 days. I will not eat here again.


Outback Steakhouse – chain restaurant with GF menu; not 100% endorsed

New York City

Nice Matin – great French bistro with lost of options; very GF conscious

Bistango – great brunch place in the city

S’MAC – tiniest kitchen ever but they make GF work; they have kids and “grown up” mac & cheese flavors, what a great place!

Risotteria – CLOSED

Lilli & Loo – I have gotten sick 1 out of 5 visits here.

Bloom’s Delicatessen – uninspired but safe; separate fryer


Catch A Healthy Habit – if you like healthy, vegan food, this is your place; great smoothies; almost entire menu is GF



Fairway – a lot of good products, but none of the Fairway brand are safe for celiacs, which is a huge problem given the number of private-label items; their GF pancake mix is amazing

Trader Joe’s – update, I’ve had major trouble with their GF cookies; word is that they don’t test for cross-contamination

Fratelli’s Market – limited and pricey, but has some items not available elsewhere

Stop & Shop – 1/4 aisle devoted to gluten free and some other items throughout the store

Acme – “regular” grocery store with some items


Trader Joe’s – see above

Whole Foods – none of their prepared foods or in-store gelatos are safe; wide range of GF items, pricey but good selection


Whole Foods – see above (no gelato at this store)

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