Global GF

“Global” may be overstating it, since I do not travel much internationally these days, but I do have intentions of expanding this list over time. (Scroll down for comments on GF in Mexico City.)

This page includes any restaurants that are not located in Connecticut or New York City but are further afield (click here for local reviews). These reviews are based on my own visits, and opinions are entirely my own.

Note: I maintain a gluten free diet at all times and provide these reviews to serve the celiac community and to add some accountability to the marketplace. Please contact me at with any questions or concerns. If a restaurant is listed here, it means it has at least some commitment to serving gluten free food.

San Diego

Trilogy Cafe – click for review

Jake’s Restaurant – click for review

Piatta (visited May 2017)

Washington, D.C.

Wicked Waffle (visited May 2017)

Mexico City

I am sorry to report that I have found NO restaurants in Mexico City that are 100% safe for celiacs, and my inquiries to local celiac groups have gone unanswered. On the contrary, I found celiac disease to be highly misunderstood in my many visits to Mexico City, and I do not believe it is better in other parts of the country. I am happy to hear suggestions if you have them, but in the meantime I recommend visitors to rent an apartment and cook for themselves.

Also note that corn tortillas from the grocery store may contain wheat (trigo), so you need to have that confirmed by someone who understands the question and can give a correct answer (“no contienen nada de trigo”). Barley and rye should not be an issue with Mexican corn tortillas.

One bright spot on the Mexican GF front: I did enjoy a weeklong vacation at Azul Sensatori in Riviera Maya with no issues. The one downside was that there was no spontaneity in eating. I needed to go inside the resort and speak to a certain person at a certain desk to inform them of my food choices a couple of hours (and not more) in advance of every meal, which seriously interfered with casual poolside lounging. A texting or email service would be an improvement, which I may suggest if I return.