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Salad, Pancakes and Self-Reflection

In my attempt to not just “return to Glutenfreelandia” but also use this space to reflect on my habits and choices, being more conscious about creating a food-life and whole-life that works for me, I have gone on a hunt.

I decided to hunt for other Dutch Baby recipes, and I will try one next time and write about it here at some point (including how it is received by my kids – will they still both like it???). If I am up for it, I will try two at the same time – a dairy and a vegan version, or a sweet and savory, in each case with ingredients that pack some more nutrients without sacrificing flavor. Continue reading

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Gluten-Free Restaurant Review of Jake’s Del Mar, San Diego, CA – 3 Stars Out of 5

Jake’s Del Mar is known for its breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean from just about any spot in the place, and in this respect it did not disappoint in the least. Sitting at a table at Jake’s can make anyone feel like a king, queen, venture capitalist or other lucky soul who was won the La Jolla real estate lottery, if only for the evening.

On the celiac front, by contrast, Jake’s gets mixed reviews from me. Continue reading

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Garlic Powder with “Traces of Wheat (Gluten)”: My Hidden Nemesis

Just having celiac disease and taking the steps one needs to stay healthy, I have come to realize, is an inherently defiant act…. Every day, I defy the status quo. I dare ask for what I need, and I fully expect to get it.

On to my garlic powder story…. Continue reading

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Spring Natural Kitchen, Upper West Side, Manhattan

Restaurant: Spring Natural Kitchen Location: 474 Columbus Avenue, New York, NY Website: One star ★ of 5 Review: I was on the Upper West Side last week to have lunch with three friends, and someone suggested a new (or rather, new to me) restaurant with … Continue reading

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Celiac Readers of Restaurant Reviews – Five Stars Anyone?

Introducing my new 5-star rating system for celiac restaurant reviews. Continue reading

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Lobster Landing (And My Return to Glutenfreelandia)

Go there for the Connecticut-style lobster roll. These are the most awesome thing you’ll ever eat, made exactly the way they should be made. Gluten free bun available, and if you request it they will toast up away from the regular stuff. Continue reading

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Glutenfreelandia – back soon!

It has been a good, much needed, break from blogging here at Glutenfreelandia. Back soon with more posts!

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Gluten Free Menus, etc. – An Intractable Problem?

I haven’t been blogging lately because I am in a funk again about being stuck on a gluten free diet. That doesn’t seem particularly helpful to anyone to write about. Or rather, it doesn’t seem particularly helpful to me. I … Continue reading

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Too Little, Too Late: New FDA Gluten Free Labeling Requirement

Friends far and wide have been sending me links with the FDA’s new gluten free labeling requirement. I guess I should be celebrating. After YEARS of dragging its feet – the proposed rule came into effect back in 2007 – … Continue reading

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Symptoms and Solace

My last post was a memorial to Natalie Giorgi, the teen who tragically died from eating a Rice Krispie treat that she had no reason to suspect was laced with peanut butter. As pervasive as the dietary restrictions facing me … Continue reading

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