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Salad, Pancakes and Self-Reflection

In my attempt to not just “return to Glutenfreelandia” but also use this space to reflect on my habits and choices, being more conscious about creating a food-life and whole-life that works for me, I have gone on a hunt.

I decided to hunt for other Dutch Baby recipes, and I will try one next time and write about it here at some point (including how it is received by my kids – will they still both like it???). If I am up for it, I will try two at the same time – a dairy and a vegan version, or a sweet and savory, in each case with ingredients that pack some more nutrients without sacrificing flavor. Continue reading

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My Homemade Pizza Disaster (Gluten Free)

Want to spend almost 2 hours (total time) cooking and feel like spitting out the food you made? That basically explains my recent homemade pizza disaster. It was saved by the fact that my cooking assistants were both under the … Continue reading

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Hallelujah, Cream Puffs!

Along with croissants, cream puffs (a.k.a. profiteroles) were one of those things to which I had simply said goodbye on the gluten free diet. After all, I was never going to find ones – on a regular basis, at a … Continue reading

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