Salad, Pancakes and Self-Reflection

When you can look at a croissant, bagel, baguette, beer or any other gluten food or drink and simultaneously feel that you HAVE to have it but also know that you are not going to have it, and that nothing in the world could make you change your mind, food begins to lose its power over you. And, after some time, other things do too.

Knowing that, it is odd to me that I still crave things like Dutch Baby pancakes, as I posted this morning – one look at the ingredients makes it clear that they are not good for me – when I am just as happy having my salad with homemade dressing (lemon, honey, oil, salt and pepper). It must be the search for variety and the need for comfort foods every once in a while….

So in my attempt to not only “return to Glutenfreelandia” but also use this space to reflect on my habits and choices, being more conscious about creating a food-life and whole-life that works for me, I have gone on a hunt.

I decided to hunt for other Dutch Baby recipes, and I will try one next time and write about it here at some point (including how it is received by my kids – will they both still like it???) If I am up for it, I will try two at the same time – a dairy and a vegan version, or a sweet and savory, in each case with ingredients that pack some more nutrients without sacrificing flavor. I also learned through my brief tour of the Internet how to fix the uneven cooking (puffing) I had posted about this morning. The answer is obvious, and I am sure I knew it but had forgotten – turn the pan during cooking!

Here’s what I turned up in my search for vegan Dutch Baby, savory Dutch Baby and other variations and recipes. If you decide to try one of them, please leave me a comment below!

Cardamom Apple Dutch Baby (gluten free)

Savory Dutch Baby

Savory Spring Dutch Baby

The puffy oven pancake that’s sweeter when it’s savory (Washington Post)

The Almond Dutch Baby

I also went searching for Dutch Baby Pizza, and although I did not easily find a gluten free version online, I am sure that another recipe could be adapted to it.

Dutch Baby Personal Pan Pizza (Recipe Redux)

Pizza is one of those things that I miss and don’t miss, since at some point a few years before my diagnosis of celiac disease, I had stopped liking pizza (which, in retrospect, should have been a clear sign something was wrong!) What I miss now is not the pizza itself, it’s the feeling of eating something warm out of the oven that – as I said above – feels like comfort food. Dutch Baby pancakes sure fit that description.

Anne Marie Segal is an executive coach at Segal Coaching and someone who lives with the ups and downs celiac disease (her own and her daughter’s) every day. Through this blog, Anne Marie provides insight into the gluten free lifestyle (for all those whom it may help), promotes wellness and educates those with celiac disease and their communities about this important issue affecting 1 in 133 Americans and many others worldwide.

Copyright Anne Marie Segal 2017. All rights reserved.

About Glutenfreelandia

Glutenfreelandia - It's where I live. Do you live there too? This blog is devoted to the joy, peace, health and struggle of living a gluten free life. For celiacs, gluten intolerants and those who love them. Glutenfreelandia - es donde vivo yo. Y tú? Este blog está dedicada a la alegría, la paz, la salud y la lucha de vivir una vida libre de gluten. Para los celíacos, intolerantes al gluten y los que los aman.
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