Gluten-Free Restaurant Review of Jake’s Del Mar, San Diego, CA – 3 Stars Out of 5

Restaurant: Jake’s Del Mar
Location: 1660 Coast Boulevard, Del Mar, CA

Three stars out of 5 ★★★

Review: Jake’s Del Mar is known for its breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean from just about any spot in the place, and in this respect it did not disappoint in the least. Sitting at a table at Jake’s can make anyone feel like a king, queen, venture capitalist or other lucky soul who was won the La Jolla real estate lottery, if only for the evening.

On the celiac front, by contrast, I give Jake’s mixed reviews. I have eaten here twice on two special occasions, once in November 2016 and once in May 2017. The first time, the staff was super careful, and we had a great meal that left me as happy after I ate it as I was while enjoying it. On the second trip, I was not as enthused about the food, and despite choosing only items marked “G” for gluten free and informing my server of a serious allergy, I suffered some “celiac side effects” the next morning. (Full disclosure not needed, but if you go through any list of common side effects, you will find some of mine there.)

On the food front in my most recent visit, the salad elements did not all pull together into a cohesive whole (maybe I’ve been watching too much Top Chef, but that was my reaction). Also, the Curry and Cumin Crusted Scallops were overseasoned to the point of tasting really salty and strong. The scallops were a substitution from the menu’s Curry and Cumin Crusted Ahi, but my husband ordered the latter with the same issue. And again, the different flavors on the plate did not come together as I would have expected.

Kids: Pretty kid-friendly as far as these types of restaurants go. When we went in November, they did a special order for my daughter, who has celiac disease.

Anne Marie Segal is an executive coach at Segal Coaching and someone who lives with the ups and downs celiac disease (her own and her daughter’s) every day. Through this blog, Anne Marie provides insight into the gluten free lifestyle, promotes wellness and educates those with celiac disease and their communities about this important issue affecting 1 in 133 Americans and many others worldwide.

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Glutenfreelandia - It's where I live. Do you live there too? This blog is devoted to the joy, peace, health and struggle of living a gluten free life. For celiacs, gluten intolerants and those who love them. Glutenfreelandia - es donde vivo yo. Y tú? Este blog está dedicada a la alegría, la paz, la salud y la lucha de vivir una vida libre de gluten. Para los celíacos, intolerantes al gluten y los que los aman.
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