4x Tacos and 5 Stars: Trilogy Cafe, La Jolla, San Diego, CA

Restaurant: Trilogy Cafe
Location: 7650 Girard Avenue, San Diego, CA
Website: trilogysanctuary.com/cafe

Five stars out of 5 ★★★★★ 

Review: I happened upon this place while my husband was at the Urgent Care Clinic down the street, although I had read about it beforehand. I give it five stars without hesitation, and you can read some more about it below and in my prior post.

I have spent four days in La Jolla and have eaten Trilogy’s “Perfect Tacos” four times. They are amazing, and here’s what they are made of: house-made corn tortilla stuffed full with quinoa chorizo, roasted sweet potato hash, avocado, pico and mildly spicy almond love sauce. The tortillas were indeed “perfect,” a wonderful flavor (and I have a Mexican husband, so I do know tortillas!) Also, I have never had quinoa chorizo before but very quickly looked up a recipe to see how it is made.

I wanted to try the rest of the menu, but the tacos were so good that I kept choosing them so I wouldn’t miss out. They also made me feel good after eating them, which as someone with celiac disease, is just as important. (And not just feel good as in “not get sick,” but I felt refreshed from eating, which is hit or miss for me at restaurants.)

I also had a squash-based soup here (awesome) and shared my son’s buckwheat crepes with bananas, Nutella and cashew cream (very good). The quality of products and preparation here is beyond compare. This is what healthy food should all taste like!

In addition to the fantastic food, the location is amazing. Trilogy Cafe has outdoor seating with great views, and it is attached to an aerial yoga studio.

From the menu, my husband also tried “The Beet Goes On” salad. He’s usually not a huge vegan food enthusiast, but he said it was the best salad he has had in years. There was also amazing kombucha on tap, as I wrote in my earlier post.

To give you an idea of how much I liked this restaurant, I told my family that the next time we stay in San Diego, we need to stay in La Jolla so I can come back a bunch more times!

Kids: If kids are not of the “chicken nuggets” and “mac & cheese” variety, they should find something to eat here, but there were not many children present any of the times I went. They are certainly welcoming to kids, and one of the staff gladly offered my son a sample of eggplant bacon (which was well received).

P.S.: The entire restaurant is vegan and gluten free, but they do use a lot of nuts so cannot accommodate most nut allergies. And if you did not yet read my prior post, the local organic kombucha from Whale Bird is unbelievably good.

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2 Responses to 4x Tacos and 5 Stars: Trilogy Cafe, La Jolla, San Diego, CA

  1. They look amazing! I’m planning a trip through California next year and I might put this on my list.

  2. You will not be disappointed! They are literally bursting with flavor.

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