Terra Ristorante Italiano, Greenwich Avenue, Connecticut, Gluten Free

Restaurant: Terra Ristorante Italiano
Location: 156 Greenwich Avenue, Greenwich
Website: http://www.zhospitalitygroup.com/terra



Four stars ★★★★ of 5

Review: We caught Terra at the beginning of Labor Day weekend, and it felt like the perfect almost end (does it have to end?!?) to a summer of lovely outside dining.

Terra was a restaurant that I always loved when I worked in Greenwich and wanted to have an occasional evening out on the Avenue. With celiac, I was initially wary to try them again, since they are in large part a pasta place, albeit upscale. While Terra doesn’t have a gluten free menu, they do note that gluten free pasta is available. I have happily eaten here three times dining while celiac and have not gotten sick, although I generally stay with what I consider the safer items (e.g., not meat with a pre-made marinade but instead something made on the spot or without a sauce that generally calls for flour). My go-to entree and dessert are the penne rigate and crème brûlée, pictured here.



I give Terra four stars rather than five because they do not have a menu with gluten free options clearly marked for all entrees, which I consider a “must” to generate credibility and inspire confidence in celiac diners, as I have noted on my scoring key. Instead, you need to let the waiter know the pasta must be made in separate water, for example, and he/she checks with the kitchen on some entrees (their gnocchi, for example, is not gluten free, which made me very sad). I am not 100% convinced that I have the free reign of the menu that the waiters imply, although as I said when I have played it safe I haven’t been sick. That said, they still get my vote for overall dining experience and quality of food.

Kids: There are many families with young children, more often outside in the summer than inside during the main dining course, since it gets loud and boring for kids inside. Older children are often present at dinner.

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