Happy 1st Anniversary, That Awesome (Gluten Free) Deli in Stamford, CT


Happy Anniversary to Eric and That Awesome Deli & The Gluten Free Food Factory!

I am stuck in Mount Kisco, NY today, while my kids are at a weeklong computer camp and anxiously awaiting the first day of school. Not that Mount Kisco is a bad place to be stuck, all things considered, but it would not have been my first choice. I would rather be having lunch at That Awesome (Gluten Free) Deli in Stamford, CT helping Eric Screnock celebrate the one year anniversary of his deli and restaurant.

And not simply because of the free coffee, drink or bag of chips he is offering with any breakfast, lunch, frozen entree or catering order, as he emailed to his list of loyal customers today. That would have been nice, but it’s not the reason I’d be there. It’s because Eric is a good guy, a mensch (if you know the word) and an awesome chef (worthy of the restaurant’s awesome name). His food is great and he’s always there to welcome customers with a smile, whether or not you eat gluten free.

My husband, Mario, favors the chicken cutlet. My favorite is a grilled chicken sandwich with onions, and I love that they serve traditional deli food as well. I also enjoy the days Eric serves burgers (on yummy gluten free bread) and fries, a special indulgence for me. As you may know, since many restaurants don’t have dedicated fryers, a celiac is out of luck getting fried food at just about any restaurant except the most devoted to the gluten free cause.

If you are gluten free…

Eric started his restaurant after  his wife was diagnosed with celiac disease. He has a separate counter in the restaurant – in full view of diners – devoted to the preparation of gluten free sandwiches. He also has separate utensils of different colors, so none of his staff can get confused and accidentally cross-contaminate you. All of his menu can be served gluten free, not just a choice of 3-4 items as is common in many restaurants. In addition, he has gluten free frozen meals that you can take home and heat up at your convenience as well as bread (order 2 days in advance). Yep, Eric’s one of the big boys on the gluten free scene, really getting it right and tasty for his diners, gluten free or (as he calls it) traditional. He understands that to make a truly gluten free restaurant, you need to offer something for everyone, including the celiacs and their gluten-eating family members.

So yes, I’m unabashedly a cheerleader for this restaurant. That Awesome Deli and Gluten Free Food Factory is clearly an important addition to the Stamford and Fairfield County gluten free dining community, and it’s something you truly don’t want to miss. Keep going back to Eric’s and other top-notch and devoted restaurants to support our gluten free food choices, or we’ll all be eating at home!

I will be back here on Glutenfreelandia – on another day when I am not stuck in Mount Kisco! – with more about Eric’s story and how he decided to launch a gluten free restaurant. In the meantime, you can visit his website (click here) and hear about his eighteen years of gluten free cooking experience, as told by his wife.

Image above © That Awesome Deli and Gluten Free Food Factory.

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