Memorial to Natalie Giorgi – Teen Dies of Peanut Allergy at Camp in California

In allegiance with other parents of children with allergies, especially peanut allergies, and out of the highest respect for Natalie Giorgi’s parents who wish to memorialize their daughter’s life by spreading the word about her sudden death, I dedicate this post to her.

If you have not heard about Natalie Giorgi, she was a teen full of life who tragically died at camp in California after eating a Rice Krispie treat she was not aware was made with peanut butter. Multiple injections from Epi pens could not save her from cardiac arrest.

Here’s a heartbreaking video (click here), and you can find more across the Internet. As I write this, I am reminded why I decided in college against a career in journalism. I can barely type through my tears….


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5 Responses to Memorial to Natalie Giorgi – Teen Dies of Peanut Allergy at Camp in California

  1. Janet Rörschåch says:

    This thoroughly gutted me yesterday. Thank you for writing a post in Natalie’s memory.

  2. It has been on my mind almost constantly. How tragic, especially that she was so careful and that her parents were there and could do nothing to save her. I simply cannot imagine it.

  3. I read about this the other day and it is so devastating. We had just had a friend over with a peanut allergy and I always try to be so careful (paranoid) about offering only safe food. Because it only takes one mistake. The story is so so tragic. My heart goes out to Natalie and her poor family.

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