New YouTube Channel and Eventful Weekend!

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This weekend was awesome and as usual involved some artful and yummy food! Sadly I don’t have time to post lots of details now, so I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Thanks to my lovely friends for great Friday and Saturday night events!

Also, I would like to introduce my new YouTube channel, if any of my readers would like to meet me by video. This video was recorded last Friday, just before I rushed off to make quinoa salad for a “quadruple date night” with friends. It’s funny, every time I make quinoa salad, I seem to change what I put in it. One night soon, I’d like to serve a quinoa salad four ways dinner. Wouldn’t that be fun?

Finally, my son and daughter have expressed interest in writing for the blog, so at some point soon you may see posts called “Tamara’s Corner” from my daughter, age 6 and celiac and “Danny’s Side” from my son, age 9 and not celiac (yet, hopefully never) but GF-compatible by necessity in our gluten free home. Don’t forget to “like” their posts! They will be very excited if you root for them!

Have a great week, my dear readers. Back soon.

About Glutenfreelandia

Glutenfreelandia - It's where I live. Do you live there too? This blog is devoted to the joy, peace, health and struggle of living a gluten free life. For celiacs, gluten intolerants and those who love them. Glutenfreelandia - es donde vivo yo. Y tú? Este blog está dedicada a la alegría, la paz, la salud y la lucha de vivir una vida libre de gluten. Para los celíacos, intolerantes al gluten y los que los aman.
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