Believe It or Not – We Love This Jerky!


Beef jerky has come a long way from the days when I was a kid!

My son (GF-compatible in a GF home) and daughter (celiac) have been really picky about meat lately, and it’s especially hard to pack lunches for my son. He doesn’t seem to like anything lately other than snacks. (My daughter likes hummus, tofu and yogurt, so she’s got a leg up.) So I was excited to discover that my son loves many of the jerky products from Krave®, and my daughter is pretty crazy about them as well.

Yes, it does have cane syrup or corn syrup, depending on the particular item, so technically it’s still a snack. And while I am not crazy about that, at least my son is getting a bigger protein infusion into his body, and that’s key for me! (He’s of short statute and often has little appetite – too busy playing or otherwise to be bothered with food.)

Krave’s jerkies are also all gluten free (or at least all I’ve ever tried – check the package). Even the grilled teriyaki flavor is made with gluten free soy sauce. And best of all, they are available from – at least in the U.S. – if you can’t find them in your local grocery store.

P.S. We first discovered Krave’s jerkies when searching for good airplane food for our flight from JFK to Mexico City. It’s perfect for the plane if your airline does not serve a gluten free meal (which Aeromexico on that trip did not). It’s portable, clean and easy to eat. You probably can’t get it through customs, but it’s so good you may not have any left!

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